Statistical Process Control

Saturday -June 20 , 10.00 am IST

Statistical Process Control


About the Education Session 

“Knowing that we have the ability to act before we encounter difficulties gives us a feeling of security. In any production process, this secure feeling is accompanied by cost savings, customer satisfaction and the ability to face official inspections calmly”.

SPC is used to analyze and control process performance, proactively control processes, distinguish between natural and assignable variation, identify and prevent process from Special causes and involves the use of Control Charts to determine if a process is operating “in control”. This webinar will cover : 

FDA initiatives for quality

Statistical Quality Control

Statistical Process Control

Identify and describe causes of variation

Control charts and Control limits

Process capability and process capability index

Concept Six-Sigma

About the Presenter 

Ms. Vaishali Thakkar: She is Founder and Director of Statiza Statistical Services. She has Mphil and Msc degree in Statistics and is currently perusing her PhD. She has more than 17 years of industry experience in the field of biostatistics. She has broad background to provide statistical support to product development and manufacturing process via Sampling, Testing of Hypothesis, Design of Experiments, Statistical Quality Control (SQC), IVIVC/R, Quality by Design, Stability analysis, Dissolution similarity , Time Series and Forecasting, Cluster Analysis, MANOVA, Principal Component Analysis, Multiple Linear Regression, Conjoint Analysis, Linkage Analysis, CHAID Analysis, Modeling etc. Her research areas of interests are multivariate regression analysis and survival analysis. She has been author & part of 07 publications including Indian & International Journals. She has conducted many training programs and workshops on Biostatistics and has been invited as speaker for several conferences and workshops.