September 5, 4.00 pm IST

Optimization of Freeze Drying by QbD

Optimization of Freeze Drying by QbD

Educational Session by Zixin Huang

About the Webinar 

This webinar will give an introduction to QbD concept and will explain with a case study how this concept could be implemented during freeze-drying cycle development and introduce the latest approach for construction of the process design space. This Educational Session will cover 

QbD elements:


Product Design 

Risk Assessment 

Overview ofQbD Procedures

Heat & Mass Transfer in Freeze drying

Case study with step by step  implementation of   & online tools for calculation.

About the Presenter 

Zixin Huang serves as freeze-drying scientist in Austar and is in charge of the Austar freeze-drying laboratory. During his PhD program in Germany, he worked in the Freeze-Drying Focus Group in Division of Pharmaceutics, University Erlangen-Nuremberg.