Pharma 4.0 - Opportunities & Challenges

A Conference you can not miss

The technological advances of the last decade have resulted in a new industrial revolution that’s often referred to as Industry 4.0. 

Implementing the new industry 4.0-based manufacturing concepts in Pharmaceuticals requires alignment of expectations, interpretation, and definitions. These changes requires individuals and organizations to constantly learn new way of doing things and challenge past practices and assumptions.  ISPE India and ISPE GAMP COP India invite to an exciting conference. 

Presentations by Subject Matter Experts & Interactive Sessions on 

· Pharma 4.0 & ICH Q 10 

· Artificial Intelligence in Pharma Manufacturing 

· Implementation of Pharma 4.0 as part of your manufacturing strategy

· Improvement of batch execution with the latest automation technology

· Use of next generation analytical tools for process and quality improvement 

· Next Level of MES and Digitalization

· Digitalization for Swift decision Making 

· Application of Digital Intelligence in Supply Chain 

· New technology & Return on Investment

· Automation & Continuous Process Verification 

April 26 - 29 , 2019 - Mumbai

  • Sponsorship Opportunities are open now. 
  • Write to for details or  Dr. U. C. Shetty on 9821092843