Clean Room Contamination Control by CFD Analysis

July 25 10.00 am IST


Educational Session by Neeraj Goel

About the Educational session

Well-designed cleanroom facilities are necessary for activities performed under a controlled environment with a low level of contaminants—a critical requirement for pharmaceutical applications. One way to ensure a proper cleanroom design is through engineering simulation, especially computational fluid dynamics. Using simulation software as part of the design process, engineers can evaluate their design performance, optimize airflow and air change effectiveness, decrease the risk of contamination, and increase energy efficiency. Depending on the application, contaminating particles are often found in cleanrooms, and if not designed properly, could have negative effects on the product and those inside the lab. With the rising regulatory critical requirements for clean rooms, it has become mandatory now to perform CFD before going ahead with physical execution to ensure proper results. A cost-effective way to ensure contamination control is through CFD analysis solution. It also helps in design optimization for fit to the purpose.

CFD analysis significantly improves the design, validation and efficiency of data centers also. This is because modelling a data centers flow characteristics allows simulation of multiple processes that need to be performed simultaneously inside the room.

About the Subject Matter Expert

Neeraj Goel has 20 years experience in the Engineering design & execution of Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, dust extraction system & Building Management

System. He has special experience of Air Conditioning Systems for Pharmaceutical & Biotech Facilities. 

Neeraj Goel has in depth experience of Industry in the fields of HVAC Design of Sterile, Bulk Drugs, Formulation, Food, Labs, Infra Buildings, Hospitals etc.

Experience includes assessing the requirements, detailed designing of heat load, equipment selection, equipment layout, ducting and piping layout, electrical & instrumentation/BMS connecting with HVAC systems & Bentley Mechanical model & reviews